Dating a genius

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Dating a genius

Some of my locations earn as little as and some as high as 0.

Gumballs cost about 2 cents a piece and are sold for 25.

I consider this low-maintenance income in my current position.

As I roll more and more of my profits into bigger assets, and my time becomes more valuable, I will eventually either sell the candy business or hire someone else to run it.

Once you have six locations, you should be making about 0 per month which should pay for an additional machine each month if you have found a cheaper source than Sam’s Club.

Even better, that income would keep coming in as long as you had your locations.

What ever you do, don’t fall for one of the thousands of scams out there that want thousands of dollars to start this really simple business. Don’t get greedy and buy a lot of ten, twenty, or forty machines up front expecting to conquer your local vending world.

I see people like this all the time trying to dump all of the machines they didn’t place on e Bay. It’s best to see if you have the stomach for the cold calls before you dive in.

If you do it right and avoid the scams, bulk candy vending is an excellent way to take your first step toward entrepreneurship by collecting income-producing assets.

While it won’t get you rich overnight, consider these benefits: The startup costs are extremely low, the return on investment is fantastic, and the amount of maintenance required to sustain a consistent cashflow is very low. What I needed was what I call a , which is a burst of productivity to get me out of a financially distressed state and onto a stronger platform from which I could start my career in real estate.

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This means that each machine should be able to pay for itself in about six months or less.

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