Buddha dating book

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Buddha dating book

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In the last part of the book, Van Gelder discovers Buddhism and explores how it applies to BPD and her life (dialectical behavior therapy is actually based on Buddhist philosophies).

Just as she does throughout the book, in the end, she provides several profound insights.

She has tried various types of treatments, medications and 12-step programs, but yet nothing seems to be working.

When she’s finally diagnosed at a local hospital, Van Gelder witnesses firsthand the stigma, shame, myths, insurance woes and unavailability of treatment. She writes: Ultimately rage, not hope, hurls me into recovery when I finally understand that it’s not simply my illness, but incompetence and avoidance from the mental health system that has created my ‘incurable and hopeless’ condition. One of the main reasons is that Van Gelder demystifies BPD, clearly defining the symptoms both from a scientific level and a personal one.

With , I believe that you’ll find relief, reputable information and hope. She begins the book when she’s 30 years old, when she’s already attempted several times to take her own life, gone through a handful of hospitalizations, been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder and recovered from alcohol and drug addiction.I would drain away.”) This is a pattern: With every boyfriend, her identity, her musical tastes, how she dresses, what she believes tend to change. After each relationship ends, she starts searching for another savior.Van Gelder desperately wants to find out what is wrong because as she writes, “…despite being clean and sober for almost a decade, I’m still a mess.” For almost two decades, she’s been in therapy., by writer, artist and advocate Kiera Van Gelder, exposes a regularly hushed-up topic: borderline personality disorder (BPD). There’s little information about the disorder and, while effective treatments exist — namely dialectical behavior therapy — it can be tough to find a mental health professional who’s educated and experienced in administering them.If you’re someone with BPD or a loved one of someone with BPD, you probably already know this.

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As she gives readers the theory behind each step, she illustrates this in relation to herself and her therapy.

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